Philosophy & Process


Our philosophy is to take a healthy body and make it healthier using modalities that promote dynamic movement. It is a preventive fitness and wellness therapy which allows you to feel and experience your body in a new and dynamic way.

The goal is to optimize mobility, performance and to flex back the years when we were agile, flexible and graceful. It is a journey to bring our body back to its foundational level of alignment, flexibility and stability leading to optimal mobility through Stretch & Align treatment.

The Process

What to Expect: The Process

A personalized and carefully structured program will be established to teach proper bio-mechanical movement and corrective postural techniques. The process takes our clients back to the basics, where we start our signature modality – Foundational Flexibility.

Foundational Flexibility presents over 200 distinct dynamic and assisted flexibility movements in a very precise stretch protocol sequence. Upon completion, we then progress to Foundational Stability, which focus on improving muscles strength and joint stability.

Stretch & Align treatment affects our clients through all their senses, introducing them to a feeling of well-being and that ultimate physical and mental state of contentment.

The formula:
Postural Awareness + Foundational Flexibility + Foundational Stability = Mobility & Performance